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In recent years we’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of sexual enhancers for men. Around the globe, millions of men are awakening to the benefits of using sexual enhancement supplements to enjoy the best sex they’ve ever had, and the satisfaction of taking their sexual performance to a whole new level.

Used for years by adult film stars everywhere, semen volume and climax intensifiers like Volumaxx are now available to the general public – and enjoying huge success from men who are thrilled to once again enjoy the huge semen loads and earth shattering orgasms of their youth.

Volumaxx will make you feel like a teenager again, as you ejaculate up to 5 times more semen – and experience the powerful climaxes associated with such a huge semen load. Volumaxx is rated as a “5-Star” semen pill by several popular review sites like MensResearch.org, LargerLoads.com, SemenReview.com, and MenReviewed.com.

Volumaxx is an extraordinary sexual enhancer that will take your sexual performance AND pleasure to new heights! We have customers who have used Volumaxx for many years because of the AMAZING results they’ve experienced with the product.

Although Volumaxx quickly became one of the world’s top-selling male enhancement products – we haven’t been resting on our laurels. We’ve continued to tweak and improve the patented Volumaxx formula – and we’ve now created our most powerful semen formula ever!

That’s right – we just took the strongest semen pill and made it even better! Don’t worry – we haven’t taken out any of the ingredients that men have come to depend on for maximum sexual performance!

However we did add a number of additional potent ingredients to our formula – a whopping 30% more than before! Every serving of Volumaxx now has over 1800 mg. of active ingredients!

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"I had noticed over the years that my ejaculation had been reduced to a weak dribble, and it always bothered me. I saw a commercial for Volumaxx and knew I had to try it. I was surprised to see how fast it works and the results have truly been impressive. My only regret is that I didn't try Volumaxx sooner!"
Bruce Claven
Long Beach, CA

Finally - Men Have a Solution to Enjoy "Porn Star" like Sexual Performance!

Volumaxx is a specially formulated blend of powerful herbal ingredients specifically designed to dramatically increase semen production, climax intensity, and sexual enjoyment. You’ll see and feel the difference right away – and so will she! We encourage you to learn more about how Volumaxx works and when you’re ready to finish like a porn star AND have the greatest sex of your life, try Volumaxx now – 100% risk free!

Due to lower testosterone levels as we age, men gradually notice a decrease in ejaculate volume, and the resulting reduction in orgasm intensity. Less semen to ejaculate results in weaker orgasms as there is simply less volume in the glans to expel.

After age 30, testosterone levels in men gradually start to decrease – at an average of 1% a year. One of the first areas where these effects are noted is in the area of sexual function and performance.

Lower testosterone can eventually lead to problems with erectile function, semen production, orgasm intensity, and sexual stamina. (To learn more about how testosterone levels affect semen production, check out our increase semen information page.)

This challenged our researcher team to create a natural semen volumizing formula to drastically boost semen production and result in earth-shattering orgasms that last 2-3 times longer than normal.

Most men needlessly endure this reduction in sexual performance as they age – until now! That’s why we created this amazing new herbal treatment to elevate your sexual performance and increase your virility.

What if you could naturally increase your semen load up to 500% with stronger, longer-lasting orgasms? Now you can – with Volumaxx!

Volumaxx uses a powerful combination of ingredients known to naturally help boost semen production, increase climax intensity, and boost sperm health and motility. Tired of a weak, dribbling finish that fails to impress you or your partner? Volumaxx helps increase your load size up to 500%!! If you’ve ever wished you could shoot huge porn-star size loads with volcano-like ejaculations that amaze your partner – NOW YOU CAN!

Potent Ingredients - Powerful Results

Volumaxx contains 16 ingredients chosen specifically for their ability to increase semen production, improve erectile function, and enhance libido and performance.

With over 1800 mg. of pharmaceutical grade ingredients in each serving, you won’t find a more powerful semen volume formula anywhere! Our products are manufactured in the USA in FDA-registered labs that must adhere to the strictest safety standards and policies in the world.

When you order Volumaxx, you get the safety and satisfaction can do so knowing your safety and satisfaction are our #1 priority. Over 2 million men worldwide can attest to this fact!

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Volumaxx is manufactured in the USA in cGMP certified facilities that are monitored and approved by the FDA. When you order Volumaxx you can be assured of top quality ingredients and a formula that contains exactly what’s described on the ingredient label. No undeclared ingredients or anything that shouldn’t be there.

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Shoot Up to 500% MORE SEMEN!

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Improved Climax Control

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Dramatically Increase Sexual Pleasure and Enjoyment

Safe, Natural Semen Boosting Formula

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All-natural Volumaxx uses a specially designed formula to combat the effects of aging and lower testosterone – and help men take their sexual performance and satisfaction to a higher level. Weak ejaculation, low sexual stamina, performance anxiety, and erection problems all affect millions of men around the world. Volumaxx works to address several of these problems and make sex immensely more satisfying and enjoyable.

Small semen loads and weak orgasms can put a major damper on your sex life, most men notice their orgasms get weaker as they get older. The fact is, most men see their load size decrease with age – and another fact is that most women crave a big load and powerful ejaculation. That’s why the team at Pro Edge Labs has spent years researching and developing an effective climax intensifier to help men restore their sexual prowess and dramatically improve their sexual performance, satisfaction, and pleasure.

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"Our sex life was fairly routine after a several years of marriage, so I really just bought Volumaxx to add some spice to the bedroom. I couldn't believe the difference when I started having orgasms like a teenager again! My cum load tripled within a month or two and still is getting bigger. My wife didn't really think it would work but the Volumaxx worked as claimed and the results have really made our sex lives better. The other night I shot a load that was like a firehose! My wife was totally amazed!"
Wade Hoppe
Miami, FL

Finally – there is a solution for men looking boost their load size and help elevate their sexual performance. Volumaxx works naturally and quickly to restore sexual stamina and vitality – you’ll be able to enjoy explosive orgasms like a teenager again – which means more pleasure and satisfaction for you – and her! When you’re ready for the best sex of your life – try Volumaxx absolutely risk free!

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